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I have home security.....
Tue Jan 25, 2011 19:52

It is a 12 guage shotgun... Much less costly than all that fancy electronics, more reliable, and there is no monitoring fee.

And it deals with an intruder immediately, rather than just making noise and HOPING that the police show up in time.

  • Why?jobee, Sun Jan 23 11:56
    Why do you need adverts to get home security?
    • I have home security..... — Sprout, Tue Jan 25 19:52
      • I like a shotgun because it has little penetration.David F Mayer, Sat Jan 29 21:13
        If you hit the guy, all of the pellets are going to stay IN him. If you miss, your walls will stop the pellets. In either case, the pellets will not go through him and kill your next door neighbor.... more
        • Indeed....Sprout, Tue Feb 1 20:21
          A basic 12guage pump is just about idea. No overpenetration, some shot spread aiding in 2AM marksmanship limitations... And there have been many many incidents where just the sound of a homeowner... more
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