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Uru Hammer
My Anonymity...
Wed Jan 26, 2011 09:13

You know, I used to maintain my anonymity on the internet so that I would have a safe place from which to attack. That was quite a while ago.

It saddens me that I feel it necessary to maintain my anonymity on the internet so that I have a defense against the attacks of others.

I know that my presence on the boards is strong - the pseudonyms I use are consistent, so people can build a relationship with me, even though I give them nothing personal to trace back to the real life me. But at times, I feel that there is a barrier between me and some folks I would really like to know better.

A few on these boards do have some of my personal information, shared via e-mail or rarely, through a personal meeting. I wish we all could get along to the point that anonymity was no longer an issue.

Oh well, enough musing for this morning.


    • Re: My Anonymity...quentin, Sat Jan 29 12:32
      my little philosophy is this: dont put anything on the web that you wouldnt put on a billboard sign cause you really dont know who is 'driving by' and what they will do with the info. even e-mail,... more
      • Yes, I Have Varying...Uru Hammer, Mon Jan 31 10:30
        ... levels of e-mail security. I have a half dozen accounts, ranging from a few that use my actual name to a few that I would discard at a moment's notice. A few in between for most communications... more
    • Understood fully...Siã☀©◔̯◔, Thu Jan 27 19:00
      There are too many scoundrels in cyber-land who have no scruples and who are all too willing to share entrusted personal information they got from us with others once they no longer consider... more
      • Moreovercc, Thu Jan 27 21:54
        I chanced to do a name search on two business people I met in the real world. In both cases there was information online that would make them quite vulnerable. Most likely neither individual knows... more
    • Ahem.OldCM, Wed Jan 26 09:53
      Don't forget that these boards are "open to the world", so to speak, and therefore people who don't post here can see them. The world has a lot of criminals in it who might use your personal... more
      • No one else visited? (nm)Siã☀©, Thu Jan 27 19:06
        • Nope.OldCM, Thu Jan 27 20:00
          Just you. Thank you very much. :)
          • (-; You're quite welcome...Siã☀©, Fri Jan 28 00:30
            Perhaps the others didn't notice? That does happen too... or perhaps they popped in but didn't comment... Don't take it to heart as if no one likes ya or anything... In any case, I do like you and... more
            • For quite a long time nowcc, Sun Jan 30 17:45
              ...I have been one of your fans. But, hopefully you won't follow up on that confession...
              • Was this post intended for me? Siã☀©◔̯◔, Sun Jan 30 19:05
                If so, I must acknowledge that I'm a bit befuddled by the "confession" in that I've got no clue who you are and actually know absolutely nothing about you other than I noticed you posting with the... more
                • In looking aroundcc, Sun Jan 30 19:42
                  ...there doesn't seem to be anybody else here - so the answer is "yes". As for the rest of it, as you well know by now there are posters "out there" who seem to live to make life miserable for... more
      • That's Just It...Uru Hammer, Wed Jan 26 10:57
        I have a presence on the web as myself. I just can't open that presence up on these boards. Two worlds. lol, I am reminded of Shakespeare: Two identities, both alike in dignity, On vast web, where we ... more
      • Authors, doctors, and others are vulnerable after they publish information about themselves in an effort to drum up business or other "business research" sites do it for them without their knowledge.
        • Very true.OldCM, Wed Jan 26 13:38
          Too bad the bad apples poison the whole barrel of apples.
          • Sometimes they do it to themselvescc, Thu Jan 27 16:56
            ...not realizing the indexing power of Google. The designers of Google evidently incorporated a high level of heuristic capability that is amazingly powerful. However, a skilled data analyst can... more
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