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Thu Jan 27, 2011 21:54

I chanced to do a name search on two business people I met
in the real world. In both cases there was information
online that would make them quite vulnerable.

Most likely neither individual knows that information on the
net can be retrieved by name. They probably think it is
restricted to category where it is posted - much like it
would be in a real world category search in a library.

As far as I know the ability to build virtual data bases
under many different keys started with IBM under their IMS
system, back in the old main frame computer days. I had a
week's seminar on that system and used similar ideas to
create a much less sophisticated version many years later.
That went into production, and was quite successful.

What is really scary is that anybody can forge a real world
name and personal identifying information and address on one
of the many insignificant seeming blogs, such as a blog at a
college. That post can include false information that can
be picked up by anyone and cause grief for the innocent one.

  • Understood fully...Siã☀©◔̯◔, Thu Jan 27 19:00
    There are too many scoundrels in cyber-land who have no scruples and who are all too willing to share entrusted personal information they got from us with others once they no longer consider... more
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