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"Starting to have doubts" isn't good enough to convict
Sun Jan 30, 2011 09:38

and I am sure that even in your world, that's not good enough to legally convict anyone... In anyone's world it may be enough to topple someone off their pedestal, yeah, but is "starting to doubt" actually reasonable proof of guilt? HELL NO...

I think that he deserves at least the benefit of the doubt because the actual EVIDENCE is on his side... The yap & gossip is all that's against him. We all know that gossip and talk sometimes holds nuggets of truth or even the whole truth, but more often than not, it is nothing but talk without substance... and agenda-driven...

Give the man a break already... If he IS guilty, at least let's have some REAL proof of it beyond gossip & anonymous sources... If they know something, let them name names & stand up to personal scrutiny like they are trying to do to him...

  • True he's never been fingered outrightgreenman, Sat Jan 22 23:19 any tests, but clearly according to the testimony I'm reading, he's worked hard on figuring out ways to beat the tests. I'm not saying yea or nay at this point, but as I said, I've started to... more
    • "Starting to have doubts" isn't good enough to convict — Siã☀©◔̯◔, Sun Jan 30 09:38
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