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Hell and damnation
Sun Jan 30, 2011 17:40

I was young and naive at the time and had zero
"experience". (It was a small town and I had no "wheels".)

Then, in a much larger place, a real city, on a government
program, for the first and only time in my life a young
woman "hit" on me. I was too dumb to know what was going
on, but anyway she turned me off because she had the most
hairy legs I had ever seen on a human. To this day I still
have not see anything like it. Maybe she was a modern day

Anyway, I did not take the implied offer. But what if I
had taken the bait and there had been a pregnancy?

Sometimes stupidity can save one from hell and damnation.

    • You might have had ...Mondo Fuego™, Wed Feb 2 16:09
      ... a wooly lamb for a son. :)
    • I Had A Similar Situation...Uru Hammer, Mon Jan 31 08:36
      ...once in high school. Although the woman was no Neanderthal, she was waaaaaaay more experienced than me, and I think she was just after me because she knew that I was attracted to the same girl... more
      • DittoOldCM, Mon Jan 31 08:42
        At work! In the last 20 years! I had written a new suite of programs for the Body Shop (at the car dealer I was working for). The cashier at the Body Shop came up to my office and said, "I'll do... more
        • wouldn't it have been a scream to ask for something she Siã☀©◔̯◔, Tue Feb 1 21:01
          didn't plan on that you might also benefit from? A week cleaning your house? Laundry duty for a month? tee hee... Of course, it's unlikely she REALLY only wanted to avoid the dealer training her, but ... more
          • If only ...OldCM, Tue Feb 1 21:28
            ... that's what she might have had in mind. From the way she said it and how she said it, I knew full well what she had in mind. My coworker later said what I should have asked for. I would never do... more
        • When I Was A Teacher...Uru Hammer, Tue Feb 1 13:17
 a rural district in Texas, we got a transfer student who had been pulled out of an inner-city Houston public school. She had already been held back one year, so she was 14 or so when she came... more
          • ...who told the entire class this story on the first day of the course, apparently to let us know how he stood on this sort of thing... In a previous session of the course a nubile young student had... more
          • Sounds like my sister.OldCM, Tue Feb 1 13:25
            It was a nasty little family secret (not any more) that she humped her music teacher at least once. Whether that was for grades or just the heck of it, I don't know. :(
            • At The School District In Texas...Uru Hammer, Tue Feb 1 13:51
              ...there was a very young high school teacher, 22 years old, I think. He got involved with a student (not someone in his classes) who was 16. They tried to keep it secret, but it got around. The... more
              • It would appear ...OldCM, Tue Feb 1 17:22
                ... that many Texas schools have teachers who think sex education includes lab. :)
        • "I will do ANYTHING to pass this course."David F Mayer, Tue Feb 1 10:36
          That was the line given to me by a female student back in my Math teaching days. My response was, "Meet me in my office, room 123, at 5 o'clock." She showed up. I handed her a list of 100 problems... more
          • LOL.OldCM, Tue Feb 1 12:27
            Glad you kept yourself out of trouble. :)
        • BTWOldCM, Mon Jan 31 08:43
          How goes the home repairs? Have you gotten rid of the smoke smell yet?
          • Home Repairs Update...Uru Hammer, Mon Jan 31 10:29
            Smoke smell = gone. The contractors did find the same siding as we have, but their initial attempt to paint to match was not up to their standards, so they took it back to work on it some more. When... more
            • Re: Home Repairs Update...OldCM, Mon Jan 31 11:45
              Good news, indeed! Home not back to pre-fire conditions yet, but well on the way. Thanks for the update. I guess your experience proves that there is no such thing as a "small house fire" that... more
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