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What really sux is that there are peeps who WANT to do such
Sun Jan 30, 2011 19:14

things to others... That, I just don't "get"... I mean I can follow the mentality of someone looking to take advantage of someone for personal gain of some kind or another, but just to "hurt someone" so they can feel powerful?? IMO, that is just nutz... It's like writing a nasty virus, trojan, or a worm just because you can -- with the only intent and goal being to disrupt a/o harm as many people & their computers/lives/businesses as possible...

  • Moreovercc, Thu Jan 27 21:54
    I chanced to do a name search on two business people I met in the real world. In both cases there was information online that would make them quite vulnerable. Most likely neither individual knows... more
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