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Uru Hammer
Home Repairs Update...
Mon Jan 31, 2011 10:29

Smoke smell = gone. The contractors did find the same siding as we have, but their initial attempt to paint to match was not up to their standards, so they took it back to work on it some more. When it is ready, they will come out and install the siding, a light next to the front door, and a shelf that is built into the wall of the room that was damaged. When THAT is done, they will bring in the new carpet. Red. I love it. I could not believe it when the wife suggested it.



  • BTWOldCM, Mon Jan 31 08:43
    How goes the home repairs? Have you gotten rid of the smoke smell yet?
    • Home Repairs Update... — Uru Hammer, Mon Jan 31 10:29
      • Re: Home Repairs Update...OldCM, Mon Jan 31 11:45
        Good news, indeed! Home not back to pre-fire conditions yet, but well on the way. Thanks for the update. I guess your experience proves that there is no such thing as a "small house fire" that... more
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