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Uru Hammer
Paradise Lost?
Mon Jan 31, 2011 10:37

On the "Hell and Damnation" theme below, anyone want to share any romantic moments you wish you had over again, knowing now what you didn't know then?

I once met a girl at a conference. Long before I was married. Just finishing high school. Anyway, she was perfect. We hit it off in the week we had together. The last night, we had a chance to be alone together for several hours, and contemplated sex (in the way that two teenagers contemplate sex - i.e. we were rushing headlong towards it). I was, as yet, a virgin, and that undoubtedly weighed in (as did the knowledge, locked securely away from conscious consideration, that I would probably never see her again after the conference)... Anyway, she very sweetly and wonderfully offered herself to me. And I very nobly and carefully exercised restraint for the both of us.

Now that I think through it, the memory has a good deal of its flavor from the decision made - so perhaps, although it most definitely was a Paradise Lost, it is better that it went as it did.

I never did see her again, although, several months ago I got curious, and I DID manage to find references to her online. She's married now (and wow, was that a difficult hurdle in the finding her online), and it was fascinating to see where life has taken her.

Anyway... enough ruminations. Work to be done.


    • Was she ...Mondo Fuego™, Wed Feb 2 16:04
      ... the best girl that you never had? ;)
      • Hard To Say...Uru Hammer, Thu Feb 3 09:06
        But she is the one I think of the most that I would classify as having "got away". Ah, memories. Good times. Good times. Uru
    • Well, yes as a matter of fact.OldCM, Mon Jan 31 11:52
      When I was in college, I hit it off with a girl about my same age. We were in her home, in her living room, and we were, well, uh, necking and such. We ended up on the living room floor when she said ... more
      • That could have been ...Mondo Fuego™, Wed Feb 2 16:08
        ... the turning point in your persuasion , dude. Oh, well, some other guy did the job for you.
      • If she didn't have anything you really wanted, why bother with her at all? NOT criticizing, seriously just curious is all... I would expect that if you weren't interested in what she had in mind and... more
        • Well ...OldCM, Tue Feb 1 21:26
          ... she started it and I was too young and dumb to tell her "no". Besides, the making out was kind of fun. And all the straight guys do it, so why not? Wouldn't do it nowadays, though. :|
      • You hint of "things", Mon Jan 31 18:27
        ...and I saw other hints at R&E where were both trying to take down one of the board's AHs. Am I reading it correct? If so, I have a question about understanding people.
        • Afraid I don't understand ...OldCM, Mon Jan 31 18:41
          ... what you are driving at. How about asking your question and I'll see if I can handle it. :)
          • No question?OldCM, Tue Feb 1 21:35
            If you prefer you can e-mail your question to me at Or not. :|
            • I was only wonderingcc, Fri Feb 4 20:50
              ...whether or not you have a spouse or partner or are a confirmed bachelor.
              • That's an easy one. :)OldCM, Sat Feb 5 09:30
                I have had a partner for 19 years. I have also identified a lot with Henry Higgins from My Fair Lady and his song "I'm An Ordinary Man" in which he vows to "never let a woman in my life". :)
                • We live in a multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-racial society where people like myself from rural areas are transported to mass conditions in the army, in university, and finally in big cities.... more
                  • FWIW, just relax about it...Siã☀©◔̯◔, Mon Feb 7 00:28
                    Treat her like you'd treat any other "off limits" woman you might meet... IOW, treat her with the same respect and boundaries that you'd treat a married co-worker... Don't be too friendly or too... more
                  • Well ...OldCM, Sun Feb 6 14:50
                    ... try not to get involved with her in small talk, keep your conversation professional, and you shouldn't get yourself in trouble. As far as words of wisdom go, well, I never claimed to be a "wise... more
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