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thanks for the info
Mon Jan 31, 2011 20:22

i have thought about giving a try from time to time. a while ago, i did a lot of tracing the family tree in the USA - even found the countries some of my ancestors originated from - but thats as far as i got.

i am curious how much info you have to 'surrender' to the site in order to do searches. i always get uneasy when i give up information to the unknown void of the internet.

  • GenealogyOldCM, Mon Jan 31 16:53
    I have spent the last five days working on my family tree at as a free registered guest. I went from six known people to 160 in my family tree, which just includes parents no siblings.... more
    • Hmmm...might be interestingTruthteller, Wed Feb 23 18:51
      every time I've gone to, it has hit me up for money. Maybe I can get a "freebie" registration like you did. I'll have to try that.
      • At certain links or buttons ...OldCM, Sun Feb 27 16:19
        ... it will ask for money for membership. But you can avoid those and still use the site. I found a total of 846 ancestors -- including Mary Boleyn (the "other" Boleyn girl) who was sister to Anne... more
    • I inherited some genealogy stuff from my mother and played with it for awhile. But, it took too much time, so I gave all my records to other family members. With the doubling of the number of... more
      • Oh, I know.OldCM, Fri Feb 4 09:26
        Several years ago my Mom and I went to a federal facility West of Fort Worth and ran through their copies of the federal census records. It took forever. Handwriting I couldn't read. Most people in... more
      • related to who is alive TODAY... To find out, they have to go back many generations... then find a jump off point and then move laterally & forward... It can be surprising how & who is related to you ... more
    • thanks for the info — quentin, Mon Jan 31 20:22
      • Pretty much everything...OldCM, Mon Jan 31 21:25
        ... as far as your ancestors' names are concerned. And, of course, you start with your name. Oh, and your e-mail address, which is what is used to get in. Don't think you have to give them your... more
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