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I had a physics professor in Austin...
Tue Feb 1, 2011 18:25

...who told the entire class this story on the first day of
the course, apparently to let us know how he stood on this
sort of thing...

In a previous session of the course a nubile young student
had told him that she would do anything to pass the course,
even anything personal.

He refused and she failed the course. She enrolled in his
next course for the fall semester. He called her to his
office and asked her how she could have signed up for the
course which had specific prerequisites.

She explained that she had gone to summer school, where the
"professor was more understanding."

  • When I Was A Teacher...Uru Hammer, Tue Feb 1 13:17 a rural district in Texas, we got a transfer student who had been pulled out of an inner-city Houston public school. She had already been held back one year, so she was 14 or so when she came... more
    • I had a physics professor in Austin... — cc, Tue Feb 1 18:25
    • Sounds like my sister.OldCM, Tue Feb 1 13:25
      It was a nasty little family secret (not any more) that she humped her music teacher at least once. Whether that was for grades or just the heck of it, I don't know. :(
      • At The School District In Texas...Uru Hammer, Tue Feb 1 13:51
        ...there was a very young high school teacher, 22 years old, I think. He got involved with a student (not someone in his classes) who was 16. They tried to keep it secret, but it got around. The... more
        • It would appear ...OldCM, Tue Feb 1 17:22
          ... that many Texas schools have teachers who think sex education includes lab. :)
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