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Mondo Fuego™
cc ... funny that you would mention IMS
Wed Feb 2, 2011 17:35

I have spent my entire career developing manufacturing, marketing and financial systems and have used many DBMSs and Online Information System tools, including:

HP Image
A whole array of cheap stuff over the years like Microsoft Access, Lotus Approach, pfs:File, and some I can't even remember.

Applications include Bill of Material, Routings, Shop Floor Control, Procurement, Master Production Scheduling, Material Requirements Planning (regenerative and net-change), Cost Accounting (FIFI/LIFO/Moving Average/Standard), Marketing Database for Graphic Arts (printing presses, etc.) and Computer Mainframe markets, Billing and Accounts Receivable, Purchasing and Accounts Payable, Factory and Office Payroll, General Ledger, Cash Management, Employee Benefits Enrollment and Billing, 401K, Long Distance Telephone Applications (Private Service, Switched Service, Failure Analysis), Planning Model Systems (long before Visicalc/Lotus/Excel), and Government Affairs Applications (Legislative Tracking, PAC Administration).

I "cut my teeth" on IBM 705, 1401/1460, 1410/7010, 7070, 1130, 360-309x, AS/400, Honeywell, Burroughs, DEC-PDP Series, HP 3000-64/68/70, Commodore 64, Apple II, III, & IBM PC. Since 1993, I have worked exclusively with PC-based, Unix-based and Windows/Linux platform architecture.

I have also developed my own PC-based DBMS with a really user-friendly Query tool which produces output to screen, printed report, Excel, Lotus 123, address labels, Microsoft Word Mailmerge and also enables mass updates (like 'change everyone in Region = 10 with City = Cleveland or Columbus to Region = 23') ... the user never writes any query language ... the search criteria is entered or checked in relevant screen tables which are presented sequentially to the user ... multiple entries or checks on a given criterion screen represent "OR" logic ... multiple criteria screens represent "AND" logic ... queries which involve multiple passes can be appended to the same Excel output workbook, and results are grouped by homogenaity and form separate worksheets in the Excel Workbook. It enables up to 3 levels of summation and limit testing (e.g. if the total for time period 1 > or = x, then if the total for time period 2 < y, then if the total for time period 3 = z ... select). At then end of criteria specification, before the query is launched, the user is given a column projection checkoff screen whereby they can specify which columns (fields) to be projected, and for each column, the format (upper/lower/mixed case, etc.)

My DBMS is custom-tuned to my software products and is network in structure, with 'calc' parent access based on relative record number physical access, multiple forward-reverse parent table sequencing (e.g., alpha, reverse alpha, numeric, reverse numeric), hyper-indices for fast forward/reverse search, and forward and reverse paths for parent-to-child relationships. It is self-optimizing, so if a number of table insertions are causing a local roadblock, it re-distributes the clustered sections on the fly. It is also self-archiving, with rollback capability. Performance-wise, it really smokes.

    • That's a lot of experience on a lot of systems. Did you have that all memorized, or did you copy it from a resume' or something? Not meant as an insult, I'm just curious because I have trouble... more
      • I have a good memory ...Mondo Fuego™, Thu Feb 3 16:42
        ... I still remember how to program in machine language, SPS, Autocoder for those early IBM computers that I listed. For example, on the old IBM 705, you didn't move data from one location to another ... more
        • The only language availablecc, Fri Feb 4 00:04
 the beginning for the IBM 705 was machine language. Program patches were mean, what with all that "outer space" stuff. Autocoder came later and the compilers long after that. The IBM 705 was... more
        • the IBM data center. The larger programs were tested in Chicago. My first experience with 42nd Street was a result of those trips. My first program on the IBM 705 was in operation for 10 years, ... more
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