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Mondo Fuego™
I have a good memory ...
Thu Feb 3, 2011 16:42

... I still remember how to program in machine language, SPS, Autocoder for those early IBM computers that I listed. For example, on the old IBM 705, you didn't move data from one location to another with a single command ... you used separate receive and transmit commands. When doing I/O, you first selected the I/O unit with one command, then you performed the command (read, write, backspace, rewind, etc.) with a second command.

I pretty much got to see the whole computer landscape evolve, just as my grandparents got to see the automotive, electricity, electric lamp, telephone, radio, TV and aircraft phenomena evolve. Wow! That must have been a huge cultural shock for them, starting out with horses, mules and oil lamps.


  • That's a lot of experience on a lot of systems. Did you have that all memorized, or did you copy it from a resume' or something? Not meant as an insult, I'm just curious because I have trouble... more
    • I have a good memory ... — Mondo Fuego™, Thu Feb 3 16:42
      • The only language availablecc, Fri Feb 4 00:04 the beginning for the IBM 705 was machine language. Program patches were mean, what with all that "outer space" stuff. Autocoder came later and the compilers long after that. The IBM 705 was... more
      • the IBM data center. The larger programs were tested in Chicago. My first experience with 42nd Street was a result of those trips. My first program on the IBM 705 was in operation for 10 years, ... more
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