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I lost interest because of the powers of 2
Thu Feb 3, 2011 21:36

I inherited some genealogy stuff from my mother and played
with it for awhile. But, it took too much time, so I gave
all my records to other family members.

With the doubling of the number of ancestors each generation
going back, it doesn't take too long to see that each of us
had more ancestors than lived in the USA in early colonial

With those numbers in mind, I wonder about people who spend
very much time on this activity.

Note also, the stories about the farmer's daughter and the
new salesman passing through.

  • GenealogyOldCM, Mon Jan 31 16:53
    I have spent the last five days working on my family tree at as a free registered guest. I went from six known people to 160 in my family tree, which just includes parents no siblings.... more
    • Hmmm...might be interestingTruthteller, Wed Feb 23 18:51
      every time I've gone to, it has hit me up for money. Maybe I can get a "freebie" registration like you did. I'll have to try that.
      • At certain links or buttons ...OldCM, Sun Feb 27 16:19
        ... it will ask for money for membership. But you can avoid those and still use the site. I found a total of 846 ancestors -- including Mary Boleyn (the "other" Boleyn girl) who was sister to Anne... more
    • I lost interest because of the powers of 2 — cc, Thu Feb 3 21:36
      • Oh, I know.OldCM, Fri Feb 4 09:26
        Several years ago my Mom and I went to a federal facility West of Fort Worth and ran through their copies of the federal census records. It took forever. Handwriting I couldn't read. Most people in... more
      • related to who is alive TODAY... To find out, they have to go back many generations... then find a jump off point and then move laterally & forward... It can be surprising how & who is related to you ... more
    • thanks for the infoquentin, Mon Jan 31 20:22
      i have thought about giving a try from time to time. a while ago, i did a lot of tracing the family tree in the USA - even found the countries some of my ancestors originated from - but... more
      • Pretty much everything...OldCM, Mon Jan 31 21:25
        ... as far as your ancestors' names are concerned. And, of course, you start with your name. Oh, and your e-mail address, which is what is used to get in. Don't think you have to give them your... more
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