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Oh, I know.
Fri Feb 4, 2011 09:26

Several years ago my Mom and I went to a federal facility West of Fort Worth and ran through their copies of the federal census records. It took forever. Handwriting I couldn't read. Most people in the 19th century apparently couldn't read or write so the census takers just wrote down whatever they thought somebody had said -- as to names and parents' names, etc. I was surprised how quick and easy made it. Like I said, I went from 6 known ancestors to 160. Traced some of them back to Europe. And some just fall off the records when someone didn't report or give the name of their parents to the census taker. It was kind of fun. :)

  • I inherited some genealogy stuff from my mother and played with it for awhile. But, it took too much time, so I gave all my records to other family members. With the doubling of the number of... more
    • Oh, I know. — OldCM, Fri Feb 4 09:26
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