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Sun Feb 6, 2011 13:16

Control by the control freaks leads to control of the controlled slaves:

Of course, this is the result of trying to blame adverse
events on a vast underlying conspiracy spanning hundreds of
years. It is far more likely that humans have "done it to
themselves" through religious requirements that the world
population be increased exponentially. The smarter clans
stick together like glue and "stick it to" the peons.

For more insight on how this all plays out with women and
children at the bottom of the heap, click on the rules link
in the original post at the top of this thread.

For still more insight on the tools used by the controllers
to get us where we are today in the USA, use GOOGLE to
get the history of these two true events:

"Operation Paperclip" <--- absolutely true. I met two of them.
My contention is that their known social influence has been negative.

"MKULTRA" <----- at least some of it has been documented as true.

  • I am trying ...OldCM, Sun Feb 6 11:43
    ... to connect your subject line, the text in your link, and the board it leads to. I failed. What is the connection? :)
    • This is one view — cc, Sun Feb 6 13:16
      • Thank you.OldCM, Sun Feb 6 14:46
        I'll give them a gander. :)
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