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You ain't never seen anything like...
Mon Feb 7, 2011 00:24

...this raw lust performance...

These two people certainly have chemistry on stage. He now
rides motorcycles in the Los Angeles area, but very wealthy.
Moved to Switzerland for tax reasons, but actually lives in
USA when not performing.;article=477;title=Living%20Free

  • Don't do anything but talk about the slave masters
    • You ain't never seen anything like... — cc, Mon Feb 7 00:24
    • I am trying ...OldCM, Sun Feb 6 11:43
      ... to connect your subject line, the text in your link, and the board it leads to. I failed. What is the connection? :)
      • This is one viewcc, Sun Feb 6 13:16
        Control by the control freaks leads to control of the controlled slaves: Of course, this is the result of trying to blame adverse events on a vast... more
        • Thank you.OldCM, Sun Feb 6 14:46
          I'll give them a gander. :)
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