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I'll wait and see if it gets published.
Tue Feb 8, 2011 19:09

THat way I can contribute by buying a copy! If not, I'll get in touch.

Good luck!

I know a handful of people who make a living writing fiction. One is very well known in fantasy circles...and she and her hubby scramble to make their mortgage sometimes. It's a tough world...but no one in it does it purely for money. It's a combination of the need to tell stories and the immense satisfaction of seeing them published, really.

Publishing is a very odd business, though. My own forays (all non-fiction, of course...I lack the imagination to be a good fiction writer), despite being largely handled by others and restricted to the somewhat insular world of academic publications, were confusing and frustrating at times.

  • Unfortunately...Uru Hammer, Tue Feb 8 11:02
    ...most publishers won't touch something that has been posted on the internet. This particular publisher was very specific about what was not acceptable. I would be happy to share a copy via e-mail... more
    • I'll wait and see if it gets published. — Poppet, Tue Feb 8 19:09
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