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Is that a sub-genre?
Wed Feb 9, 2011 14:28

"This one is a Canadian Sci-fi magazine".

Something like:

As Brian reached toward the handle Steve said calmly "You'll want to be wearing more than just a toque if you try to go out there". Brian paused confusedly "What? Why?". Steve breaking the news to him slowly responds "Well, we're a really looong ways from Timmies." Brain, lost, replies "Huh? What are you talking about hoser?!" Steve gives him the brutal reality "Listen ya suck, we're in space eh, and it's a total hoover beyond that hatch".

  • Another Story Off For Review...Uru Hammer, Mon Feb 7 22:05
    I just sent off another story to a magazine. This one is a Canadian sci-fi/fantasy magazine. I hope they take it and publish it. That would be incredibly awesome. I will keep you all posted. Uru
    • Good luck!greenman, Thu Feb 10 21:05
      Remember us when you hit the big time...:)
    • Is that a sub-genre? — PureStevil, Wed Feb 9 14:28
      • Amusingly Enough...Uru Hammer, Wed Feb 9 16:15 isn't a sub-genre, but it is like fishing in protected waters. Canadians tend to be very clannish. They support each other and actively promote each other. As such, the publication only takes... more
    • Is it digitized? Or just on paper?OldCM, Tue Feb 8 10:29
      If it is digitized, can you share it? Can we read it? At any rate, best of luck! Hope it gets paid for. :)
      • Unfortunately...Uru Hammer, Tue Feb 8 11:02
        ...most publishers won't touch something that has been posted on the internet. This particular publisher was very specific about what was not acceptable. I would be happy to share a copy via e-mail... more
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