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Uru Hammer
Amusingly Enough...
Wed Feb 9, 2011 16:15 isn't a sub-genre, but it is like fishing in protected waters.

Canadians tend to be very clannish. They support each other and actively promote each other. As such, the publication only takes limited entries from non-Canadians.

I pleaded with them that I am, after all, a Michigander. But since I'm not from the U.P., I don't know that it matters.



  • Is that a sub-genre?PureStevil, Wed Feb 9 14:28
    "This one is a Canadian Sci-fi magazine". Something like: As Brian reached toward the handle Steve said calmly "You'll want to be wearing more than just a toque if you try to go out there". Brian... more
    • Amusingly Enough... — Uru Hammer, Wed Feb 9 16:15
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