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In the rafters at the Lowes garden center
Mon Feb 21, 2011 11:44

...there are birds all the time, so they can be used inside.

Most likely these spy birds will be deployed against the
little people, the peons, far more than they will be used for any overt religious empire military operation. Our masters want to watch "We The People" who might actually "forget our place" and try to be free from the alien corporate bonds.

  • Hmmm. Well ...OldCM, Sun Feb 20 12:19
    ... under President Bush, I would have expected the hummingbirds around my house to have been NAVs. LOL. I'm not so sure they won't be this year, even under President Obama. :|
    • In the rafters at the Lowes garden center — cc, Mon Feb 21 11:44
      • important enough for the gov't to BOTHER keeping track of... From their perspective, you are NOBODY. Certainly not worth spending any MONEY surveilling.
        • I wasn't referring to mecc, Mon Feb 21 22:39
          I was referring to YOU
          • I don't have your ego problems....Sprout, Wed Feb 23 21:02
            I'm not worried about them gov't spying on me. I know they don't care about my conversations. It is you who are paranoid about them spying on you. It is you who, for some reason, thinks that they... more
            • Naw - I don't know anythingcc, Thu Feb 24 08:11
              You are INSIDE, so you know something. Gotta watch YOU!
              • Nah...Sprout, Sun Feb 27 10:58
                I have a current security clearance. They already checked me out. In another few years, I will get a review. No reason to waste any fancy "secret" stuff watching me sit at an airport terminal and... more
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