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I wasn't referring to me
Mon Feb 21, 2011 22:39

I was referring to YOU

  • important enough for the gov't to BOTHER keeping track of... From their perspective, you are NOBODY. Certainly not worth spending any MONEY surveilling.
    • I wasn't referring to me — cc, Mon Feb 21 22:39
      • I don't have your ego problems....Sprout, Wed Feb 23 21:02
        I'm not worried about them gov't spying on me. I know they don't care about my conversations. It is you who are paranoid about them spying on you. It is you who, for some reason, thinks that they... more
        • Naw - I don't know anythingcc, Thu Feb 24 08:11
          You are INSIDE, so you know something. Gotta watch YOU!
          • Nah...Sprout, Sun Feb 27 10:58
            I have a current security clearance. They already checked me out. In another few years, I will get a review. No reason to waste any fancy "secret" stuff watching me sit at an airport terminal and... more
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