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Uru Hammer
I Have An Ongoing Problem...
Tue Mar 1, 2011 08:55

...with a particular fixture. It is a hanging fixture, bulbs pointed down. That should not matter for CFLs. It voraciously consumes whatever bulbs I put in it. Incandescent bulbs specifically made to be hung upside down? Burned out in days. CFLs? Burned out in weeks.

I am getting ready to replace the fixture with LEDs.

*shakes angry fist at the light bulb gods*


  • CFL light bulbs are a hoax!OldCM, Tue Mar 1 08:36
    I installed one on 03/11/2010. It said it was rated for 8000 hours. It burned out (at night of course) on 02/28/2011. Did not last even half of it's rated hours. Baloney! And the government wants to... more
    • I Have An Ongoing Problem... — Uru Hammer, Tue Mar 1 08:55
    • They're application dependant.PureStevil, Tue Mar 1 08:47
      If you are using it in an area where it is switched frequently and only on for brief periods it will burn out at about the same or just slightly longer time than incandescent bulbs. Also, extreme... more
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