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Re: Thots...
Mon Mar 7, 2011 13:51

As far as I know, having read the instructions, the wireless one cannot be calibrated by the end user. The sensor is NOT in the sunlight for more than two hours a day (when both are) and it is not any other heat source. The reason I have two is that the old one is in direct sunlight from noon until dark. So the wireless one is on the opposite side of the house. Very occasionally both will read the same -- mostly in the twilight hours after the sun has slipped below the horizon. But, even then, that is not every day -- just once in a while.

Any other ideas? I could certainly use some. :)

  • Thots...Uru Hammer, Mon Mar 7 10:36
    Can the wireless one be calibrated? Is the sensor for the wireless one in the sunlight, or near other heat pollution? Uru
    • Re: Thots... — OldCM, Mon Mar 7 13:51
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