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Re: Official temperature?
Wed Mar 9, 2011 11:39

By the amount of ice on my dog's water bowl. At 32 degrees it would have just a thin sheet of ice on it. The morning in question the ice was 1/4-inch thick which is more like it should be at 28 degrees. Some mornings the temp will just hit 32 for a short period of time and the dog's bowl will not have any ice in or on it at all. The closest official temperature measuring station is some 80 miles away from my home. The few days of the year when the official temp is the same over a wide area, my old thermometer will show the same temp as the official temp. The new wireless one will not -- it will be off by about 4 degrees (sometimes only 3 degrees).

Thanks for your thoughts. :)

  • Official temperature?Moishe, Tue Mar 8 09:47
    Where are you getting what you deem to be the correct temperature? i.e. how do you know it's not the old thermo that's off. How close to you is the official weather station? Are you at the same... more
    • Re: Official temperature? — OldCM, Wed Mar 9 11:39
      • Agreed, except that,Moishe, Thu Mar 10 14:07
        at 32 degrees there should be no ice rather than a thin sheet, since at that temperature, pure water would be in a system of equilibrium, with ice forming at exactly the same rate as it is melting.... more
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