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UN Security Council passes resolution against Libya...
Thu Mar 17, 2011 19:49

... authorizing "all means necessary" to protect civilians. Britain and France said they were ready to act earlier today. Now we'll see how ready they really are. And I'm sure our armed forces will be active in the region, too. Too bad. I still don't think this is our fight.

But, then, I'm not the President of the USA.

  • US mulls air strikes in Libya.OldCM, Thu Mar 17 09:25
    Heard this on The Early Show on CBS. The US is considering hitting pro-government forces with air power. I've said it before and I'll say it again, "not our fight". It's too bad the rebels are being... more
    • UN Security Council passes resolution against Libya... — OldCM, Thu Mar 17 19:49
    • To Me, This Illustrates A Danger...Uru Hammer, Thu Mar 17 16:08 getting into foreign wars of aggression on false pretenses. If we were not mucked up in Iraq, or bogged down if Afghanistan, we might be able to provide real support to an honest-to-goodness... more
      • Well, of course, ...OldCM, Thu Mar 17 19:47
        ... I agree with you. We can't run around the world trying to "force" democracy in countries that have never had it. We tried that with the Palestinians and what did they do? Elected Hamas! Who's to... more
        • I See Libya As Different...Uru Hammer, Mon Mar 21 09:09
          They rose up, they rebelled. In fact, they have been pretty clear about not wanting foreign troops to come into the country, although they appreciate the no-fly zone. I think we should support Libya. ... more
          • I sure hope ...OldCM, Mon Mar 21 11:52
            ... that none of our flyboys get shot down or otherwise killed. That part of the world isn't familiar with democracy. Guess they'll "elect" another despot. But, who knows?
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