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Link exchange...
Fri Mar 25, 2011 18:57

Maybe you can find some more boards that will add a link to your board if you agree to put up a link to theirs.

My R&E board still has a link to here, and Mondo's does too.

  • Things Seem A Little Slow...Uru Hammer, Thu Mar 17 09:21
    So I am looking for suggestions. What do you think I could do to bring a little more activity to the board? Thoughts? Uru
    • Link exchange... — Ken C, Fri Mar 25 18:57
      • I just realized my link page is gone...Uru Hammer, Mon Mar 28 10:45
        I used to have my links on a separate page, and when the hosting site went down, I did not move them over. Must will do. Uru
    • Orangeshadow, Sat Mar 19 16:17
      Not that I'm a frequent participant, but the color orange is a kind of irritant, and is chosen for fast food places to keep things moving. People aren't comfortable in an orange environment, in spite ... more
      • Hospitable too... Siã☀©◔̯◔, Thu Mar 24 23:08
        • Urgh!shadow, Tue Mar 29 11:11
          So now I'm wondering was it a simple mistake or a Freudian one? Thanks for the catch, Sia.
      • I liked...Poppet, Mon Mar 21 21:04
        I liked the Lurker memorial scheme, myself...but I suppose you have to move on, in time. =(
      • Thanks For The Feedback!Uru Hammer, Mon Mar 21 09:11
        I'll have to poke around a bit and set up a new color scheme. Thanks! Uru
    • Hammer Trish, Sat Mar 19 15:51
      you'd be welcome to post about your board on - they're good folk. Not a lot of people, but consistent community. Maybe in the Religion section (tell them I suggested you post... more
      • Nice to "see ya" Trish! (nm)Siã☀©◔̯◔, Thu Mar 24 23:13
      • Trish, re your site...Truthteller, Tue Mar 22 12:37
        I just tried to go there but got a warning saying that the site has been known to distribute malware. You might want to check it out.
        • pstrish, Fri Mar 25 15:27
          would you email me ( and give me the exact wording of the message along with the name of the utility you use on your system as a watchdog? I will give it to Paul so he can log it ... more
        • its a false positive - we have problemssym, Fri Mar 25 15:25
          with various firewalls etc. misinterpreting certain codes. My husband is in IT and he has checked everything inside out and backward - we're clean.
    • Don't know.OldCM, Thu Mar 17 09:27
      I come around here 10-15 times a day, when I am on the internet, to see if there's anything I'm interested in commenting on. I don't have that many noteworthy ideas to start a thread most times. Some ... more
      • P.S.OldCM, Thu Mar 17 09:29
        The traffic on R&E board has been really low all week, too. Wonder if people are watching cable news rather than getting on the internet?
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