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Thousands of years ago when humans lived in caves,
Thu Mar 31, 2011 20:46

they had to fight with each other over resources.

Now that we have modern technology and a modern interconnected world economy, some people are still thinking like cavemen and trying to fight over resources instead of working together.

  • I've become slightly more moderate.Ken C, Thu Mar 31 20:42
    In trying to fairly moderate boards like these, I've started to better understand some of the conservative views. However, I'm still opposed to tax cuts for the wealthy. I think we should raise taxes ... more
    • I won't go to the Political Boards ...OldCM, Thu Mar 31 21:40
      ... at all. Makes my blood pressure go too high. :) I get enough of that on your (our) board. I appreciate your moderation of R&E. You seem very fair to everyone there.
    • Thousands of years ago when humans lived in caves, — Ken C, Thu Mar 31 20:46
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