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Uru Hammer
Mon Apr 4, 2011 09:10

...seems to have a few pet conservatives that they keep around to use as props when they are discussing issues.

I see them as folks who are being ignored by the power structure of the Republican Party, who want to be relevant in current politics.


  • I am being driven further to the left ...OldCM, Wed Mar 30 14:08
    ... every day by the ultra-conservatives on MSNBC as guest talking heads. They are so full of BS. If tax cuts for the wealthiest could improve hiring then we wouldn't have so many unemployed people.... more
    • MSNBC... — Uru Hammer, Mon Apr 4 09:10
      • More than that ...OldCM, Mon Apr 4 12:17
        ... they sometimes interview people like Bachman, Cantor, and Rand Paul. These are the people that make my blood pressure boil. Even more than Pat Buchanan does. :)
    • I've become slightly more moderate.Ken C, Thu Mar 31 20:42
      In trying to fairly moderate boards like these, I've started to better understand some of the conservative views. However, I'm still opposed to tax cuts for the wealthy. I think we should raise taxes ... more
      • I won't go to the Political Boards ...OldCM, Thu Mar 31 21:40
        ... at all. Makes my blood pressure go too high. :) I get enough of that on your (our) board. I appreciate your moderation of R&E. You seem very fair to everyone there.
      • they had to fight with each other over resources. Now that we have modern technology and a modern interconnected world economy, some people are still thinking like cavemen and trying to fight over... more
    • MSNBC?Moishe, Wed Mar 30 18:50
      I'd hardly call Maddow, Schultz and O'Donnell, or their guests, ultra-conservative.
      • LOL. No, no, no.OldCM, Wed Mar 30 19:14
        Not the anchors but their guests: Pat Buchanan for one, and a bunch of others. And I don't watch them in the late afternoon (3PM local time and on). I watch them to get the news, but can't stand some ... more
        • News! Did u say news!?Robert , Sat Jun 25 09:47
          Why not just watch The View, for "news"!? Bout same content/quality/agenda.
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