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I don't even know how to put into words
Fri Apr 8, 2011 16:31

    • and quite a few more that are too obscene to post here.
    • David Barton?Poppet, Wed Apr 20 01:28
      Vermin like that are why I have guns...and why I go to the not-inconsiderable effort to be rather good with them.
    • Barton sounds like a real P.O.S.Truthteller, Wed Apr 13 17:14
      and the fact that Huckabee is associated with him in ANY way speaks volumes about what kind of president we could look forward to if he got elected. It HAS been long known that Huck is a whacko,... more
    • Hopefully ...OldCM, Fri Apr 8 16:38
      ... by saying you won't vote for Mike Huckabee if he runs for President. :)
      • No worry about *that* ever happening. Moraith, Fri Apr 8 17:00
        I'd vote for McCain before even considering Huckabee and I lost respect for McCain when he went with Palin as his running mate. ;)
        • Good to know.OldCM, Fri Apr 8 18:39
          The man I worked for for 20 years had every member of his family donate the maximum they could (by law) to the Huckabee campaign. I'm afraid a lot of churches (especially fundamentalist ones) will... more
          • I suspect that he will run again, too. Moraith, Sat Apr 9 08:49
            I also think that Glen Beck is going to throw his hat into the ring, as well. I consider myself to be socially liberal and fiscally conservative. But, no matter how sound a candidate's platform may... more
            • That sounds like a very sound ...OldCM, Sat Apr 9 10:42
              ... way to decide for whom you will vote. I agree with fiscal conservative is the way to go. Don't find many Republican candidates who are socially liberal, though.
              • Certainly not on the national levelMoraith, Sat Apr 9 13:29
                Locally, I tend to vote equally Republican and Democratic (and I do mean "locally": township, city, municipality). The local Republicans aren't all as socially liberal as I'd like, but at the same... more
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