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I suspect that he will run again, too.
Sat Apr 9, 2011 08:49

I also think that Glen Beck is going to throw his hat into the ring, as well.
I consider myself to be socially liberal and fiscally conservative. But, no matter how sound a candidate's platform may seem, if (s)he starts spouting off terms couched in religious ideologies, red flags immediately go up and I start to really dig deeper.

  • Good to know.OldCM, Fri Apr 8 18:39
    The man I worked for for 20 years had every member of his family donate the maximum they could (by law) to the Huckabee campaign. I'm afraid a lot of churches (especially fundamentalist ones) will... more
    • I suspect that he will run again, too. — Moraith, Sat Apr 9 08:49
      • That sounds like a very sound ...OldCM, Sat Apr 9 10:42
        ... way to decide for whom you will vote. I agree with fiscal conservative is the way to go. Don't find many Republican candidates who are socially liberal, though.
        • Certainly not on the national levelMoraith, Sat Apr 9 13:29
          Locally, I tend to vote equally Republican and Democratic (and I do mean "locally": township, city, municipality). The local Republicans aren't all as socially liberal as I'd like, but at the same... more
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