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Sinister Dexter
Don't see why not
Wed Apr 20, 2011 11:26

What is it now, about 7 Billion people on the planet, vs one?

The question itself is somewhat ambiguous, however.

In the event one refuses to give up one's life for the greater good, does the individual in question die along with the other 7 Billion, or does that individual survive to exist on his own?

If it's the former then a few hours of pain makes no difference, and if it's the latter then how many people would choose to live out their days as the last of their kind?

Personally I don't think death is that big a deal. I've been in a situation where I was 'dying', inasmuch as without immediate and significant medical attention I would have died without question. The only thing that went through my mind was something along the lines of, "well, this sure sucks." No moments of supreme religious revelation, no lights at the end of tunnels, no thoughts about stuff you could have done better.

For that reason, dying in order to actually accomplish something as significant as 'Saving the World' would for certain remove all thoughts of death sucking.

I think someone would have to be monumentally lonely or mentally impaired to refuse to suffer a few hours of pain in order to save the entire planet.

  • Hypothetical - Would You Save The World?Uru Hammer, Mon Apr 18 14:43
    The entire world is in peril. You can choose to save it at the cost of your own life. Your death will be painful, but the pain will last no more than a few hours. Do you accept? It does not matter... more
    • Who are the 10 people?Sprout, Thu May 12 21:17
      If I can find just one fool to volunteer before me, let him... Besides, if I don't save it, I die anyway. In saving it I save myself, saving the world is just a side effect... Unless in your... more
    • Don't see why not — Sinister Dexter, Wed Apr 20 11:26
    • Yes.Poppet, Tue Apr 19 23:46
      "And in this moment, I will not run. It is my place to stand." Why not me? Yes, I'm an extreme outlier in terms of my intelligence (or the associated test scores, anyway). So what? I've never done a... more
    • Hmmm...I remember that movie!Truthteller, Tue Apr 19 12:15
      "Armageddon" that is. ;) Or was it "Star Trek 2?" LOL Guess I would do what Bruce Willis and Spock did...the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one.
    • No thank you.OldCM, Mon Apr 18 15:14
      Interesting questions. But I would not give up my own life to "save the world". Why? I don't have but one person in the world that I really care about, or that cares about me. I would let him... more
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