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The key being that it is done to other folks property...
Thu May 5, 2011 20:53

Certainly you personally might not have a problem if someone does a QUALITY job of painting some graffitti on your fence...

But would you be equally mellow about poorly done and deeply offensive graffiti on your house? How about something on your windows and door?

I'd bet that after the 2nd or 3rd time of repainting your front door and scraping paint of your windows you would develop at least a SLIGHT preference that they do not repeat their "artistic" endeavors. At least not on your property.

Some cities have even hired what they see as the best of their urban taggers to provide works on agreed upon surfaces...

But if you were a businessman who had to repeatedly paint over a side of your building to keep up the neat and clean appearances you wish to portray to your paying customers, you might feel a little differently.

  • Admirers Call It Art, but the Police Call It a Problem I've never had a problem with graffiti, and find it interesting and entertaining, if it is done well, artistically, and creatively.
    • The key being that it is done to other folks property... — Sprout, Thu May 5 20:53
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