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Nope, not me. Hammer?
Tue Aug 23, 2011 10:34

I'm not ever trying one of these. Would any of you?

This pegs out my gross-out meter.

This is a reassurance that I'm not the weirdest person in the world.

    • I guess I would try it, if it doesn't have anything icky like trans-fat or cholesterol. Every day I drink a lot of milk that came from cows, and I don't think that's gross.
      • The only way I'd do itPureStevil, Thu Aug 25 13:49
        is if I saw no other hope of food I liked and it was down to an issue of survival. Even then I'm not sure I could. I mean, like Poppet's puppy recoiling in horror picture, that's the kind of way I... more
    • ps. Hammer, did you name your wine yet?PureStevil, Tue Aug 23 13:59
      And when are we gonna drink it? Here's some more help. "Puritan Port" (lower proof than a typical port, and made near Zeeland, MI which is about as puritan as it gets) "Zeelicious"? "HoTo Port"... more
    • LOL.OldCM, Tue Aug 23 11:29
      Guess I'm not the weirdest person in the world, either, since I would not try that.
    • o.OPoppet, Tue Aug 23 10:40
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