My condolences, Sia
Sat Oct 15, 2011 20:38

I lost my father back in June, it's tough, I know...

  • My Mum died on Sept. 27th... (nm)Siã☀©◔̯◔, Tue Oct 4 16:43
    • I am so glad she had you to be thereConnieSue, Sun Mar 4 14:05
      And I am sorry you have lost her physcially, but your memories about now have to be very comforting. Praise God for your Mother's time on this earth.
    • I'm very sorry to hear that..Tinfoil, Sat Feb 11 20:04
      Things like that touch all of us. I lost my mother in 1994.
      • Thanks Tinfoil...Sia☺giah, Sat Feb 18 11:27
        Death is the "great equalizer", whether our own death or that of those closest to us... All of us can identify & find common ground there... )-; Sorry for your loss as well... The heartache gets less ... more
    • My condolences, Sia — greenman, Sat Oct 15 20:38
      • Thanks... and backatcha Mr Greenman... Siã☀©◔̯◔, Mon Oct 17 02:42
        I just hope it was "quick & painless" instead of the alternatiive... )-;
        • Yes, it was greenman, Mon Nov 7 21:44
          He died quietly in his own home, neighbor suspected something was wrong and called the squad within a short time of his passing. Sad, but he would've wanted it that way...
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