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Happy New Year 2013
Sat Feb 18, 2012 11:30

Just going with the flow... (-;

This is an attractive, pleasant board... Why is it largely abandoned nowadays?

    • Because of control-freaks like you & Hammer.Mondo Fuego™, Thu Mar 22 09:27
      That's why you are the only person who has ever been banned from my board. You don't really have a board ... you stole the Blew Board from a dead man. Any other questions?
    • Green is my favorite color.
    • Good question.OldCM, Mon Feb 27 16:14
      And same to you for 2013. I don't know why nobody posts much here anymore. Sad really. I always enjoyed it.
      • When the board first started up...Poppet, Sun Mar 25 10:47 was the only board that had "DNR" (and banned a couple-three horrible problem children). For all that some of the chronic malcontents disparaged that (and a few made a concerted effort to ruin... more
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