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Your lucky that Hammer has not banned you too. (nm)
Mon Jul 22, 2013 15:26

  • LOLMondo Fuego™, Wed Jul 17 01:46
    Now, *that's* funny. Closest thing I have seen to insanity in a long time. You should be paying Bauer to post here.
    • Your lucky that Hammer has not banned you too. (nm) — Ken C., Mon Jul 22 15:26
    • He's a phucking child molester!Truthteller, Thu Jul 18 11:59
      SELF-ADMITTED, I should add. And you think he's a good poster? You are as slimy as he is.
      • Time for youMondo Fuego, Sun Aug 17 18:28
        to go phuck yourself.
    • Why On Earth...Amadeus, Wed Jul 17 15:11
      ...would I pay someone to take a big dump in a clean and mostly unused room? Your definition of insanity must be different from mine. Amadeus
      • Banning someone onMondo Fuego™, Thu Feb 27 13:14
        a dead board is insane behavior. Calling them out for posting on a dead board is beyond insane.
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