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Holding For Response
Thu May 1, 2014 16:28

GOD CANNOT BE KNOWN DIRECTLY but only through Manifestations. Baha'u'llah is the best Manifestation to know HIM through because 1500 page biography.
COMMONALITIES. IF teacher had students write 100 page term paper and 6 students had TWENTY COMMONALITIES, the assumption would be plagiarism.
ONE GOD, GOD can only be known through the Manifestation (Each claims to be "Only Way" but Each recognizes prior Manifestation and One Who will come at the end of times. Each Holy Book contains prophecies about Him. Each claims God is His Source and to have existed before being born and Each had great Wisdom in childhood. In fact, i think Each was recognized in childhood. Jesus and Baha'u'llah were recognized as Babies.

INCREDIBLY BRILLIAN LIGHT shone from their faces. This is true of NDE BEING OF LIGHT. Each sacrificed His Life in an instant or over a period of many years. Each provided Salvation, Spiritual Transformation that enables us to produce Spiritual Fruits (Gal 5: 22 et seq) not just "good works" but VERY GREAT THINGS, LIVES OF LOVE AND SERVITUDE.

All talk about devil/satan which is symbol of selfish desire. For example Jesus told Peter "Get thee behind me Satan" clearly not literal. ALL talk about Hell which is not permanent for anyone and Heaven which is permanent. NDE ALSO PROVIDE Spiritual Transformation and prove forgiveness IS AVAILABLE in the next World, contrary to popular belief. Like Baha'i Faith NDE proves Spiritual Progress is eternal and there are infinite levels of Heaven and each Soul goes to appropriate level.

Some are called spiritually "blind" especially clergy, condemned in all Religions. Teaching Religion is obligation of all.

SPIRITUAL LOVE FOR ALL is SUPREME OBLIGATION OF ALL RELIGIONS AND NDE. John: "He who love not knows not God" so those pseudo religionists who preach hate do NOT KNOW GOD. SPIRITUAL LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL but i don't know how to show Love on the bb. SORRY. ONLY KNOW HOW TO LOVE IN PERSON.


LIS, the Spiritual Transformations of countless individuals and societies are proofs. The Fruits are proofs. These INCLUDE but are not limited to countless hospitals, schools, universities, orphanages. Atheist nations have these things but the schools are for brain washing children and all other students and they kill countless people. YES, many Christians have done bad things but FAR MORE have done GREAT THINGS and still do.

NDE are proofs of God because experiencers testify to experiencing GOD and experience Spiritual Transformation much like any Spiritual Transformation and i can testify there are infinite ranges of Transformation because i am constantly transformed. NDE have many proofs including clinically dead seeing with their eyes closed ACCURATELY, seeing things by the ceiling, in other rooms, across town. Going to Heaven and having "life review" where they FEEL EMOTIONAL IMPACT of all of their actions, see people whole who were handicapped. This wholeness is referred to in Baha'i Writings. MANY things are learned in "Heaven" that were not known. People are seen and known who were not known in this world, biological fathers, siblings, grandparents.

There is an attempt to explain it as a malfunctioning brain or hallucination but malfunctioning brain is MALFUNCTIONING, NOT LUCID. HALLUCINATIONS ARE NOT LUCID AND ACCURATE AS NDE ARE. ALSO malfunctioning brain doesn't explain how blind can see or how closed eyes can see. Malfunctioning brain experiences are not accurately remember 30 years later and don't cause Spiritual Transformation. THEY ARE NOT LUCID.

THEN we have Fear Death Experiences which have no effect on the brain. FDE ARE BASICALLY SAME AS NDE and include OBE AND going to the Light.

Shared Death Experiences are all different but the experiencer NEVER DIES so the brain is not effected. NEARLY ALWAYS they experience another person's death and often go to Heaven or at least part way there with a person who dies. They are very common among military medics holding dying soldiers. i read article about SDE 30 yrs ago before NDE was a known term.

Death Bed Visions are always lucid, EXTREMELY COMMON, and sometimes shared by children. i read one DBV a little girl shared w/her grandmother. i have read three books on the subject, two in US. They do not occur during hysteria, hallucination, etc. A friend had one as is common when she was talking to a friend.

After Death Communication are also very common and each is different. Sometimes i see a person who has died, mother, father, grandmother, Baha'u'llah, Abdul Baha, sometime is like hearing a voice, sometimes its an unknown person who is later known. My little friend Christian was seen on the stairs by his brother the night he drowned.

A cardiologist and neurologist told me there is NO POSSIBLE NATURAL EXPLANATION FOR ANY OF THE DEATH EXPERIENCES and that is obvious If you don't agree, offer one.

    • Natural explanation for NDESWK, Thu Aug 6 12:54
    • ResponseAmadeus, Fri May 2 11:48
      GOD CANNOT BE KNOWN DIRECTLY but only through Manifestations. This is a claim, but there is no proof given here. Just a naked claim. My own religious experience says that God can be known directly.... more
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