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M of Warhorse
Kathy's halter's for sale
Wed Jan 25, 2012 15:36

Hi all I have decided to sale 2 of my Kathy's halters first is a 2yr. mare halter Sterling silver with emerald stones it is regular cut,dark oil.It is in excellent shape. No lead. $275.00 plus shipping... next is a weanling halter, with blue stones regular cut, dark oil. It also is in excellent shape. No lead.$250.00 plus shipping, both always keep in a halter bag when not used.both were lightly used.Can send pictures apon request!

    • mare halterJoyce, Sun Jan 29 00:12
      do you still the mare halter? Could you email me please? Thanks.
      • Mare halterM of Warhorse, Sun Jan 29 00:28
        Yes I still have it! Didn't see your email so I marked mine so you can email me!
    • I guess I should buy me a baby halter since I have another one coming this year..lol
      • weanling halterM of Warhorse, Thu Jan 26 12:20
        No, it's not infact that one was a lot cheaper to get and not as nice of halter I just happen to like it better! LOL. I posted pictures on facebook of the halters, can't figure out how to here!
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