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Lycra hoods, Super Sweats, Sheets, Misc.
Thu May 3, 2012 11:39

Lycra Hoods
NEW - Small Jammies brand, teal with zipper, new in package (tag 74.50) - $50
NEW - Med. Jammies brand, navy with zipper, new in package - $50
NEW - Med. Robinhood brand, purple with zipper, new in package - $50
Used - Med. Sleazy Sleepwear brand, purple no zipper, good used condition, - $25
Used - Lg. Sleazy Sleepwear brand, hawiian print no zipper, good used condition - $25

Super Sweats - All used, clean, in good condition
3” Jowl wrap, overnight fabric - $10
Two - 5” Jowl wraps, overnight fabric - $12 ea.
Sm. Neck sweat, regular neoprene - $30
Med. Neck sweat, overnight fabric - $40
Lg. Neck sweat, regular neoprene w/belly strap - $50

Sheets - All are nylon, closed fronts, leg straps, in perfect condition, some are new, the other appear new as they were only worn a few times at shows
72 BMB Award sheet, navy with white trim - $50
74 BMB Award sheet, navy with silver trim - $50
74 Rod’s sheet, navy with silver trim - $40
74 Big D, navy with silver trim - $40
74 Schneiders Adjusta fit Award sheet, black with royal blue trim, “World Championship Show NSBA” - $50
74 Silver Mesa soft mesh fly/scrim sheet, navy with tan trim - $45
76 Big D soft mesh fly/scrim sheet, green with tan trim - $40
76 BMB sheet, navy with silver trim - $50

Used Sheets, Both are nylon, closed front with leg straps. Good condition, clean, no repairs
78 Schneiders Adjusta fit, navy - $25
78 Big D Award sheet, maroon with green trim - $25

32” Weaver Smart Cinch, black - $20
32” Black neoprene cinch - $10
Hamilton nylon halter, purple, small, with throat snap, new without tags - $15
Three polar fleece, three tube tail wraps, small, medium, and large - $5 ea.
81 Polar Fleece award sheet, adj. front, navy with maroon trim, good used condition, no repairs - $30
Shipping is not included, email for pics.

    • supersweatsM of Warhorse, Sun May 27 12:34
      Hi Deb I'm interested in your 3 in 2 5 in. and lg sweat do you still have em? and what is shipping to Kennewick, WA. 99337
      • SweatsDebN, Mon May 28 08:16
        Hi, I sold all mine but a friend has some for sale. I will see what she has, pretty sure she has the jowl wraps and maybe one lg. sweat.
        • sweatsM of Warhorse, Wed May 30 18:07
          Thanks that would be great please let me know! M
    • sweatsAllison S, Fri May 4 00:38
      pls send me pics of all ur sweats to okqhorses@aol.com thank u Allison S
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