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Wed Dec 13, 2006 08:33 (XFF:

Owners of Tegan Park send 31 dogs/puppies to Animal Control whose policy is to euthanize dogs after 5 days.
31 multi-gen Australian Labradoodles turned in to Lake County Animal Services near Ocala, FL by a Breeder. These are exceptional puppies and dogs. The shelter stated, "the dogs/puppies can be put down the day they come in, or they can be put up for adoption and kept for a while. They are evaluated when they come in."

Due to the efforts of many in the Doodle community, all the pups and dogs were adopted saving their lives.

The dogs that had to remain in Animal Control to be spay or neutered were exposed to the PARVO virus and 6 dogs ended up dieing.

What a sad ending for these wonderful dogs. In my opinion, the owners of Tegan Park USA (which is owned by Tegan Park) had many other options to care for these dogs, but they didn't take them.

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