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Fri Feb 2, 2007 05:32 (XFF:

It's amazing how you choose to put others down the first chance you get. If you read my post, I did not put Angela down or say anthing bad about her in any way.

I think Angela DOES know who her real friends are unlike you who choose to demean and defame anyone who doesn't agree with you. I just hope those friends will still be able to stand by her with all the damage you have done.

Beverley, are YOU sure that you know the whole truth yourself?

  • re TEGAN PARK CLOSEDBeverley, Wed Jan 31 06:43
    You poor sad creatures. As if a dog lover wouldn't take options if there had been any available. Sweet Peggy didn't return Angela's calls for urgent help because Angela wouldn't and couldn't pay for... more
    • Angela paid $419,000.00 for her new propertyPeggy ~ Seaspray Australian Labradoodles, Thu Jun 7 15:38
      less than 2 months after she turned in 31 dogs to a kill shelter. She ceretainly could have come up with the $1000.00 I asked to pay for THREE months rent! And, it wasn't even payable until the END... more
    • re TEGAN PARK CLOSED — Barbie, Fri Feb 2 05:32
    • testingAnonymous, Thu Feb 1 06:40
      Interested parties should be asking about the testing done on Perry, the stud for Angela's recent litter. He was forfeited to the kill shelter. That's how valuable he is in Angela's eyes. And how... more
    • Getting a puppy from American Breeders that TEST their breedPeggy - Seaspray Australian Labradoodles, Wed Jan 31 23:25
      Getting a puppy from American Breeders that TEST their breeders - each and every one of them - for hip dyspepsia, elbows, eyes, thyroid, cardiac, vWD, and more is what is happening!! Why buy an puppy ... more
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