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re Quote etc
Sun Feb 4, 2007 23:10 (XFF:

Hello Peggy,

While you are indulging yourself in your pit of negative thought pattern and destructive behaviour, at least get my name right. It is Manners, not Manors. As for your opinion, well, the only opinions I value are those of people I admire or at least respect.

There is nothing in our world so treacherous as someone who pretends to be a friend but who plots evil behind one's back. I pray that you will one day look into your heart and see that you are destroying yourself, not Angela and not me.

We have moved on and are trying to mop up the dreadful mess left behind by an unscrupulous cheating husband and son in law. There are also some who are trying to scam us as we try with integrity to do right by those who have been misled and/or lied to not by Angela, but by her ex husband.

We are focussing on the good and the beautiful, and these amazing wonderful dogs. Hopefully one day you too can focus on such things. I'm sure you will be happier as a result.

No one has lost as much as has Angela, and that includes you. Get the darkness and hatred out of your heart Peggy, for your own sake, no one else's.

  • Quote from Beverley regarding Angela owning all the dogs ~Peggy - Seaspray Australian Labradoodles, Sun Feb 4 09:46
    "Obviously as the Tegan Park Labradoodles belong to Angela as well as Derek, obviously it would be stealing if you were to use them for your own new breeding business." - Quote from a post below made ... more
    • re Quote etc — Beverley, Sun Feb 4 23:10
      • Sad NewsSusan, Sun Apr 27 10:25
        It is a very sad situation, indeed. We should all remember God's commandment to us which is to treat others as we would like to be treated. I am sad to have stood back to see a bit of the family... more
      • And, if you call your post 'positive' with allPeggy - Seaspray Australian Labradoodles, Tue Feb 6 22:56
        your negative thoughts, name calling, false accusations - then you are fooling yourself. But - you do not fool others as it is easy to see through all the smoke and mirrors and focus on the truth.... more
      • The truth shines through and your comments do not.Peggy - Seaspray Australian Labradoodles, Tue Feb 6 22:39
        Again - I am helping all the people that have asked for this information. Your misinformation and misleading statements will not deter us from the truth. When the debts have all been paid back by... more
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