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Setting the record straight on a few issues ~
Mon Jul 30, 2007 12:46 (XFF:

Angela Rutland-Manners of Tegan, formerly Angela Cunningham of Tegan Park, has made statements on other Chat Forums that I know to be false and misleading. I wish to set the record straight.

1. Angela had over five months to make plans and arrangements to take possession of the Tegan Park Dogs. She was reminded and reminded by myself to be making plans and arrangements to have help because it would happen suddenly when it happened.

Her claims that she didn't have time to do anything are just not true - she had the time, she didn't make the arrangements.

Her claims that she didn't have the money to hire someone to help her are not true - she paid $419,000.00 shortly after for another piece of property.

2. After the Court evicted Angela and Derek Cunningham from the property, Angela was offered the opportunity to live on the property. She was asked to sign a legal document stating that she would pay $1000 a month for three months - payable at the END of the three months. No money was asked for up front, even though they had failed to EVER pay me the thousands of dollars they owed me in rent money.

3. I reserved the right to reevaluate the situation after the three months.

4. Work that was done on the property by Angela and Derek Cunningham was done without my knowledge or consent and without getting any permits to do the work. When the Court awarded the property back to me and evicted them, they also notified me that it was in violation of Codes. I stood to loose the licensing and property if the code violations were not corrected. If I lost the license, I would only be allowed to have 2-3 dogs total on the property.

5. Angela refused to sign the legal document to allow her to stay on the property in the time frame recommended by the Attorney. At that time, she was asked to leave the property.

6. I have paid thousands and thousands of dollars to undo the non-permitted things that Angela and Derek Cunningham did to the property without my knowledge or conscent. I am still not finished correcting all the code violations they created and dangerous situations they created on the property.

7. Angela claims that she didn't have any money to pay me the $3000 AFTER three months, but she did have the money to pay $419,000.00 during the same time frame for a piece of property.

8. Derek Cunningham did not shoot any dogs on my property after the November 2006 eviction as Angela has claimed. All dogs left on the property were accounted for.

9. No dogs were drowned in the pool as Angela claimed.
10. There was a place to safely lock the dogs if she was worried about them - she did not do it.

11. Money Angela spent was on her own behalf to obtain the best possible divorce settlement and keep as much as she could from Derek. It was not spent to help me in any way.

12. The truck I owned was sold by Derek and no money ever returned to me by either Derek of Angela. She ceretainly did not spend any money on my behalf.

13. I was asked by Angela Cunningham to hire a private investigator to watch Derek and his friend, Cheryl Bradford. Angela promised that she would repay me the appx. $5000 this cost. She has not paid a cent.

14. I did not receive a phone call from Angela asking for help prior to her turning over 31 dogs to a kill shelter. I did receive a phone call from her asking for a key to a downstairs bedroom - and still have the recording of that phone call. Nothing was mentioned regarding the dogs at all, being worried about anything, or that she was planning to take the action she did - turning over 31 dogs/puppies to a kill shelter.

15. There are two other witnesses to what took place on the one day when I was at the property in November 2006.

Angela was there and Animal Control was there on the same day as well as two other witnesses. At that time, Animal Control was very understanding and lienent in setting up the parameters they required Angela to meet over the next 3-6 months. Mainly, they asked for records of Rabies vaccinations - and since Angela had not had the majority of her dogs vacinnated for Rabies, they gave her a time frame to get it completed.

One day later, she turned in 31 dogs to the pound when she had 3-6 months to do what she had been asked to do.

16. When Angela claims that she "paid" 15,000.00 per breeding dog and 1000 per neutered dog, what she actually is saying, in my opinion, is that she 'settled' with Derek in the Divorce for these amounts. Ask her if she ever paid Derek this money or any of the money owned to him in the settlement. Or - better yet - ask him.

I hope this sets the record straight on a few of the issues - it ceretainly does not cover all of them.

A judgement has now been issued by the Courts against Angela and Derek Cunningham.

I have a legal document from an attorney of Angela Rutland-Manners stating that Angela assumed the debts of Derek Cunningham as part of their divorce settlement. If anyone needs a copy of this, please let me know.

    • Angela CunninghamLisa J Ryan, Sun Aug 30 04:26
      Peggy Can I please have a copy of the letter you refer to and any other documents relating to : 8. Derek Cunningham did not shoot any dogs on my property after the November 2006 eviction as Angela... more
      • If so, exactly what are you testing for?
        • Not that this is at all relevant to my question to Peggy but no I don't do any health tsting as the breed I have have NO known hereditary issues so no tests are either available or required.
          • HmmmAnonymous, Fri Sep 11 17:38
            Dachshund health problems include hereditary epilepsy, granulomatous meningoencephalitis, dental issues, Cushing's syndrome, thyroid problems, various allergies and atopies, and various eye... more
            • Re: HmmmLisa J Ryan, Mon Sep 14 14:26
              To Anonymous Hmmm Suggest you check and confirm FACTS before you make such uninformed comments. I have Standard Smooth Dachshunds who do not have conditions such as PRA. This applies to Miniature... more
    • Family HistoryTrish, Thu Jun 25 11:09
      Peggy you obviously have a lot of history and knowledge re the daughter Angela. What about her mother and her involvement at the time the dogs were taken to a kill shelter and what about the mother's ... more
      • Why is it all these names have your ISP number? You seem to be all over the internet using fake names. Hard to take your witch hunt against RM seriously. Seems like there is an ulterior motive behind ... more
    • Our family is deeply ashamedBeverley, Wed May 13 11:54
      that Angela has taken my own name amongst her several aliases. After the death of my husband I reverted to my maiden name of Rutland-Manners. Angela at no time was known by Rutland-Manners until... more
    • re Setting the record straight on a few issuesBeverley - Rutland Manor, Sat Aug 4 20:03
      Peggy, I now know so much more than I did previously, and I owe you and several other people a most sincere apology for misjudging them and their motives in the tragic saga which has been unfolding... more
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