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Beverley - Rutland Manor
re Setting the record straight on a few issues
Sat Aug 4, 2007 20:03 (XFF:

Peggy, I now know so much more than I did previously, and I owe you and several other people a most sincere apology for misjudging them and their motives in the tragic saga which has been unfolding over the past year and a half with Tegan Park, Angela and Derek Cunningham.

Most of the Labradoodle breeding world are aware of the mother daughter relationship problems Angela and I have been through over many years. Last year I truly believed my daughter now in her forties, had come to a place where she finally understood that I have always been her very best friend as well as her mother.

When Angela's reputation and business name were destroyed last year, I stood beside her in front of the world, and lent her my own good name to help her get back on her feet.
I paid her legal bills, and sent her $200,000 to help her purchase the new Florida property, whilst at the same time paying the huge debts of Tegan Park Australia to stop it going bankrupt. I thought that now was my chance to prove for once and for all to Angela that I was indeed her best friend.

When I first took over Tegan Park Australia and all its problems, there were a hundred breeding dogs with just one person, Holly, taking care of them. Brooke was in the office. Dozens of puppies in Australia were going to pet shops and dealers and even being put down because she couldn't sell them. When I came on the scene, I put on six staff to take care of the dogs, an extra office person and also took whole litters of puppies home to Rutland Manor and placed them with families from my own waiting list.

I had sold property, vehicles, ($55,000.00) and my champion show horse ($20,000.00 ) to pay Angela and Derek's horrendous debts, and when I ran out of money I borrowed more, just under a half million dollars to keep helping her.

On 11th May 2007 my daughter informed me that she didn't need me any more and that she had registered a new business name "Tegans Labradoodles". While I was still in shock, she told me that I could not take any of my own dogs off her property. I had been paying all her staff and herself, and paying all property costs and dog food medical bills etc., for many months)

When in the presence of witnesses I said I'd come for a chat, and had not come prepared to take home my dogs, but that I would take Chevonne and her puppies home that day, Angela forbad me. I could barely believe this so Helen and I walked to the nursery to get my dog and puppies and take them home. Angela follwed me into the nursery and used physical force to stop me. Shirley (whose wages I was paying) asked Angela if she should call the police and have me removed and Angela replied "Yes, if necessary".
I said to Helen 'this is only going to get ugly, let us go'. My 9 year old grandson Tayler's tragic little face has haunted me to this day. I can't speak with him because Angela won't answer the phone.

When my employee Helen drove me the hour and a half home that afternoon it was to find that Angela had changed the password on the T.I.G. website I had built with my own intellectual property, she had redirected all emails sent to any of the 'labradoodleasd' email accounts to herself, meaning Rutland Manor was left without internet access or emails until I was able to have my internet support rebuild everything on the old Rutland Manor domain.

Angela has still refused to return a number of my breeding dogs to me and has even offered them for sale on the stolen website.

I called my daughter a few weeks ago and for a change she answered the telephone. I told her we needed to talk and that I was brokenhearted and I asked her 'what happened? what went wrong?' My daughter replied that it was simple. She had gotten sick and tired of my 'domineering attitude and irrational behavior'. She then hung up on me.

For awhile I felt bitter. I have lost my own home and property, I am in a lot of debt myself, and I have tarnished my own name by association. I was not 'domineering and irrational' whilst I was being hugged and told how much I was loved........whilst pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars of money into her problems) but when I was no longer needed, I was thrown out onto the trash heap.

I am trying hard to move on and to not hold bad feelings against Angela. I grieve for her soul which she is destroying, and for the lost family relationship which I gullibly thought had been rebuilt. I grieve for my grandson whom I'm not allowed to see and who thinks I no longer love him. I will always love my daughter. But trust her?

Some of you may think I should not have aired any of this publicly, maybe you are right and maybe you're not. I have done what I have done. Loyalty has kept my lips sealed on many issues for a lot of years. Maybe I just need for once, to say it the way it really is so that I may feel that 'someone' really knows.I wish my daughter no harm, all I ever wanted was to shower her with blessing.

At any rate, I publicly apologize to each person I have misjudged. I truly believed my daughter had changed and I believed everything she told me about what happened in Florida. I had no idea she was capable of doing the kinds of things people claimed she had done and I stood up for her.

This is a weak moment. I will not be entering into further public discussions about what has happened. I just needed to set the record straight myself as well as others.


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