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This statement of what is/was going on at Tegan in Aust.
Thu Dec 27, 2007 22:54 (XFF:

by Angela's mother, Beverley, shows that Tegan and its owner must not value the life of puppies/dogs, in my opinion.

By Beverley Manor, "When I first took over Tegan Park Australia and all its problems, there were a hundred breeding dogs with just one person, Holly, taking care of them. Brooke was in the office. Dozens of puppies in Australia were going to pet shops and dealers and even being put down because she (Angela of Tegan) couldn't sell them. When I came on the scene, I put on six staff to take care of the dogs, an extra office person and also took whole litters of puppies home to Rutland Manor and placed them with families from my own waiting list."

  • re Setting the record straight on a few issuesBeverley - Rutland Manor, Sat Aug 4 20:03
    Peggy, I now know so much more than I did previously, and I owe you and several other people a most sincere apology for misjudging them and their motives in the tragic saga which has been unfolding... more
    • This statement of what is/was going on at Tegan in Aust. — BEWARE OF TEGAN IN FLORIDA, Thu Dec 27 22:54
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