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Acacia Park aka Tegan aka Tegan Park
Acacia Park formerly known as Tegan or Tegan Park
Sun Mar 30, 2008 11:09 (XFF:

is misrepresenting the labradoodles on it's web site. They are showing pictures of Australian Labradoodles representing them as Labradoodles to the public. The pictures being used are Tegan Park aka Tegan Australian Labradoodles. This is NOT what they are selling as Labradoodles. It is misleading at best and is just plain fraud!

    • sorry i do not understandAnonymous, Thu Apr 17 07:52
      i am sorry but i do not understand what you are trying to say and believe i do want to understand as i was just about to buy a puppy from tegan park
      • Re: sorry i do not understandAnonymous, Fri Apr 18 06:56
        you'd be better to buy elsewhere. Angela is going out of business. No testing has been done. She is anxious to rid herself of the remaining dogs and puppies. You should see for yourself the health of ... more
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