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Sad News
Sun Apr 27, 2008 10:25 (XFF:

It is a very sad situation, indeed. We should all remember God's commandment to us which is to treat others as we would like to be treated. I am sad to have stood back to see a bit of the family break-up and had truly hoped for the very best outcome. As for others, kindly mind your manners and stay out of as much of this as you possibly can help yourself. Leave what can potentially be repaired to be repaired between family. This family relationship was once a very good one (I'm sure Beverly and Angela have quite fond memories of that). Perhaps, one day, somehow, it will once again be (better than what it is now). I have nothing but the utmost respect for what has been done for us, the beneficiaries of this fabulous research and kind generosity of sharing (not everyone shares, as I'm sure you all know). The wonderful Labradoodles are our gift from these wonderful women. My Joey, is the very best possible companion I could ever have wished for (Beverly hand picked him for me & he has the greatest disposition. As a physically challenged person, he's quite mellow and for my 7 year old son he is trully a nut-job. I pray for this unfortunate situation and those involved. In all sincerity -- please, those who are not blood relations stay out of it and let mother and daughter, "through the eyes of the Sparrow" find each other again. I write this post sincerely. Susan (Dumont, New Jersey).

  • re Quote etcBeverley, Sun Feb 4 23:10
    Hello Peggy, While you are indulging yourself in your pit of negative thought pattern and destructive behaviour, at least get my name right. It is Manners, not Manors. As for your opinion, well, the... more
    • Sad News — Susan, Sun Apr 27 10:25
    • And, if you call your post 'positive' with allPeggy - Seaspray Australian Labradoodles, Tue Feb 6 22:56
      your negative thoughts, name calling, false accusations - then you are fooling yourself. But - you do not fool others as it is easy to see through all the smoke and mirrors and focus on the truth.... more
    • The truth shines through and your comments do not.Peggy - Seaspray Australian Labradoodles, Tue Feb 6 22:39
      Again - I am helping all the people that have asked for this information. Your misinformation and misleading statements will not deter us from the truth. When the debts have all been paid back by... more
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