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Thank you Denise
Thu Dec 4, 2008 01:24 (XFF:

Though your poor baby has been through so much it sounds as if he is where he needs to be now, Congratulations on adopting this fine fella into your life as a former rescue service myself, it joys our hearts when homes like your come along. I recently met a gorgeous silver labradoodle named Forest, He lived a similar life before Sally found him, He was caked with fecal material and urine,his ears were badly chewin up by flies, and he was owned by a pet shop owner. The other horrid thig was that he let Forest sleep with his children in their beds like this. Forest has healed ears and now is a Mobility Service Dog forSally and such a sweetheart, I got to pet him with Sallys O. K. that is I pray you'll hgave many years with your companion Blessings to you

  • shelter in Fl.....while he suruved, his littermates did not...dyinf from parvo....he has had many health issues....both w/his mouth & hips. That being said & done. I would never trade him as he has a ... more
    • Thank you Denise — Mary Sherman, Thu Dec 4 01:24
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