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Jenny Pearce
Angela Cunningham
Mon Jan 5, 2009 01:08 (XFF:

I knew Angela Cunningham very well here in Australia and treated Tegan Park animals, both horses and dogs with alternative therapies. These animals had the best of everything including the best vets and the best of alternative medicine, with no expense spared.
From these reports, it doesn't sound like Angela even had access to the animals that were in trouble. Can you imagine how distressing that would be? Who of us can imagine what was going on - the BIG picture?
My instinct from my personal knowledge of Angela is to defend her to the limit. My recommendation to who ever is reading this stuff is to not be so quick to judge - any of them. And as to the quote from her mother, as much as I know these two women love each other, they have a history of public and private spats.

  • Tegan Florida aka Tegan Park USABEWARE OF TEGAN IN FLORIDA, Mon Dec 24 21:55
    is owned and operated by the same person that turned 31 dogs and puppies into a kill shelter in Nov., 2006 - Angela Rutland-Manor formerly Angela Cunningham. Please don't do business with someone... more
    • Truth Prevails Angela, Fri Jul 30 04:23
      THIS IS A MUST READ at last the TRUTH is coming out The Truth About Rutland Manor - a cross post - Kate, Fri Jul 30 1:24am http://disc.yourwebapps.com/discussion.cgi?disc=107128;article=33424;title... more
    • (nm)A concerned person, Thu Feb 19 16:10
    • Angela Cunningham — Jenny Pearce, Mon Jan 5 01:08
      • The actions of Angela Rutland Manner Cunningham speak forA Concerned person, Mon Feb 16 22:57
        themselves. Dogs turned into a kill shelter. Dogs actioned off to the highest bidder. Incomplete health testing on breeding dogs. Puppies kept in outside kennels that had little or no shelter. And as ... more
        • Who is this concerned person?Jenny Pearce, Tue Feb 17 00:07
          Who is this concerned person who conceals both name and identity? And your secrecy begs the question, "what is your real motivation?" You could be quoting Beverley out of context or even misquoting... more
    • Jen are you lurking on this site?MARY SHERMAN, Thu Dec 4 01:31
      I just e-mailed you but thought I would drop by this chat site to see what is happening, It's been awhile but it looks to be a little busy, I agree about turning dogs and puppies into a kill shelter, ... more
    • shelter in Fl.....while he suruved, his littermates did not...dyinf from parvo....he has had many health issues....both w/his mouth & hips. That being said & done. I would never trade him as he has a ... more
      • denise Can you please make contact on dhurringiledachshunds@dodo.com.au re : I have one of the Labradoodles that was turned into the shelter in Fl.....while he suruved, his littermates did... more
      • Thank you DeniseMary Sherman, Thu Dec 4 01:24
        Though your poor baby has been through so much it sounds as if he is where he needs to be now, Congratulations on adopting this fine fella into your life as a former rescue service myself, it joys... more
    • or Acacia Park in Australia -Another reason to never do business with Tegan, Mon Mar 17 20:34
      ---------------------------- Original Message ---------------------------- Subject: From: "Maxine Glassberg" Date: Fri, March 14, 2008 9:03 am... more
      • Re: or Acacia Park in Australia -Tammie, Tue Mar 18 01:30
        I am sorry to hear about your experience Maxine. That must have been incredibly disappointing. I too fell in love with the fluffy, teddy bear faces! I hope this situation resolves favorably for you... more
    • Acacia Park aka Tegan LabradoodlesBEWARE OF ACACIA PARK aka TEGAN, Sat Jan 5 22:20
      in Australia is the old Tegan Park. This is the person that to quote her own mother, Quote: "Dozens of puppies in Australia were going to pet shops and dealers and even being put down (killed)... more
    • (nm)Anonymous, Mon Dec 24 21:56
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