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A Concerned person
The actions of Angela Rutland Manner Cunningham speak for
Mon Feb 16, 2009 22:57 (XFF:

themselves. Dogs turned into a kill shelter. Dogs actioned off to the highest bidder. Incomplete health testing on breeding dogs. Puppies kept in outside kennels that had little or no shelter.

And as stated by her own mother, Beverley of Rutland Manner, "Dozens of puppies in Australia were going to pet shops and dealers and even being put down (killed) because she (Angela of Tegan) couldn't sell them." (parenthesis added for clarification)

Actions speak louder than words. And the Actions of this person scream out! No One did this to Angela - she did it to herself - and those poor, poor dogs and puppies.

  • Angela CunninghamJenny Pearce, Mon Jan 5 01:08
    I knew Angela Cunningham very well here in Australia and treated Tegan Park animals, both horses and dogs with alternative therapies. These animals had the best of everything including the best vets... more
    • The actions of Angela Rutland Manner Cunningham speak for — A Concerned person, Mon Feb 16 22:57
      • Who is this concerned person?Jenny Pearce, Tue Feb 17 00:07
        Who is this concerned person who conceals both name and identity? And your secrecy begs the question, "what is your real motivation?" You could be quoting Beverley out of context or even misquoting... more
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